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Ashton Mutnansky

A User Experience Designer, with the goal to bring a creative, easy experience for users to enjoy and learn from.


My Experience


UX Intern - Pekin Insurance

Working at Pekin Insurance I got to learn through working in agile method through JIRA. My main project I worked on was redesigning their main agent portal with the rest of the UX team.

Pekin Mockup_edited.png
OSF Care-A-Van.jpg

Scrum Master - OSF Care-A-Van

Led a team of designers on a client project with OSF to design a mockup of a mobile dental website from scratch. Focused on communication with my team and our clients to deliver a clean and user friendly design.

Home Theater VR(HTVR) - Project

Designed a mockup prototype of a VR movie theater experience. HTVR offers the ability to connect to streaming services and a rent system with AMC for upcoming movies. Users have the ability to change their viewing environment.

HTVR Header.png
Xeno Header.png

XENO - Project

Designed an AR computer building prototype using the Apple Vision Pro guidelines. This app is also designed with an AI helper called XENO who helps with users new to building computers through a step by step process.

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